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  • Modifying Software-as-a-Service
    One of the complaints about Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), at least from large companies, is the inability for a customer to modify the software. Enterprises often buy applications based on a database, such as Oracle, and have in-house programmers to make any required changes. Small businesses rarely have that option, because they almost always buy packaged applications. If the products do allow modifications, outside programmers must be hired.
  • Researcher reveals how IE flaw can turn your PC into a public file server
    Black Hat demo shows IE browser flaw; Microsoft issues security advisory

    In a live demonstration Wednesday at the Black Hat DC conference, a security consultant showed how it's possible to exploit a flaw in the Microsoft Internet Explorer browser to remotely read files on the victim's local drive, prompting a security advisory from Microsoft.
  • Unified Security Monitoring
    Today, modern enterprises face a plethora of technical, political, and business hurdles which make accurate security and compliance monitoring difficult and costly. Tenable has pioneered and continues to innovate a unique Unified Security Monitoring approach that is revolutionizing the way enterprises are monitoring (i.e. gathering, evaluating, communicating, and reporting) security and compliance information. Tenable Network Security is the pioneer and leader of Unified Security Monitoring.
  • What we can expect from cloud computing in 2010
    There is little doubt that Cloud computing has entered the mainstream. As with virtualization, a number of large players have already launched or will be launching new products to cater to this paradigm shift in computing.
  • BlackBerry Professional Software Offers Verizon Wireless Customers a Cost- Effective Mobile Solution
    BASKING RIDGE, N.J., and WATERLOO, Ontario, Jan. 31 /PRNewswire/ -- Verizon Wireless, the company with the nation's most reliable wireless voice and data network, and Research In Motion (RIM) (Nasdaq: RIMM; TSX: RIM), a global leader in wireless innovation, today announced the availability of BlackBerry(R) Professional Software, a wireless e-mail and data solution specifically designed for small- and medium-sized businesses.
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NML In The News contains press releases, blog posts, and other mentions of NML team members in the media.
  • New Marketing Labs Tap Top Communications and Business Executives for Management Team

    Colin Bower and Robert Collins Join Fast Growing Digital Marketing and Social Communications Agency

    BOSTON, MA -- (PR Newswire - October 6, 2009)

    • New Marketing Labs -- one of the nation's fastest growing Digital Marketing and Social Communications Agencies has doubled in growth over the last six months recently adding SONY, Cisco, Comcast and Pearson Education to its roster of marquee clients.
    • Colin Bower joins as Principal to manage the Agency's Business and Corporate Development.
    • Bower has 19 years as a successful business and strategy professional, having advised clients, managed groups and companies across online, digital and wireless platforms.
    • Bower was AOL Interactive's Director of Business Development where he was responsible for working with best in class partners to develop marketing and ad campaigns in the information, communications technology and finance verticals.
    • Bower has been a successful CEO in the digital media space, restructuring and bringing a European public media company profitably into the digital world by generating new revenue through interactive content development and sales.
    • Bower ran a multimillion USD global business division for Arthur Andersen consulting, providing strategy and business consulting services to multinational clients across verticals.
    • Robert Collins joins the New Marketing Labs team as Principal where he will lead the Agency's professional services team, advising clients on the best strategy to transform their Company, measure ROI, and design and execute Social Communications programs.
      • Collins has 18 years of traditional, digital, online marketing and agency management experience working with global brands, including Novell, Travelocity, Quantum, CyberTrust and Johnson & Johnson.
      • Collins is the producer and host of Boston's Social Media Breakfast, recognized by The Boston Globe as one of the Top Networking Forums with guest lecturers sharing and exploring the evolution of digital communications. 
      • Collins was Vice President of New Media and Account Services with SHIFT Communications prior to joining New Marketing Labs where he developed award winning communications programs, managed their B2B, Technology and Consumer Practice and developed a Digital Content Creation Practice.
      • Collins speaks at conferences and universities about the evolving digital landscape and the personalization of marketing to rapidly grow businesses.

    Please contact Justin Levy to arrange an interview and/or for additional quotes:

    Justin Levy
    Office: 781-821-6750
    Mobile: 617-365-6462

  • David B. Thomas Joins New Marketing Labs as Executive Director
    New Marketing Labs, LLC, a digital marketing, strategy planning and social community engagement firm, is pleased to announce that David B. Thomas will join the team as Executive Director, beginning Sept. 1. Dave brings nearly 20 years of experience as a marketer, communicator and manager to New Marketing Labs.
  • New Marketing Labs Announces Inbound Marketing Summit Expert Speaker Line-up
    New Marketing Labs Announces Inbound Marketing Summit Expert Speaker Line-up
    Program in October packed with experts including Chris Brogan, Brian Solis,
    Scott Kirsner, Gary Vaynerchuk, Jason Falls

    Canton, MA (September 24 , 2009) - New Marketing Labs LLC (, creators and producers of the Inbound Marketing Summit (Twitter tag #IMS09) , are now previewing the agenda for the Boston edition of the Inbound Marketing Summit 2009 conference line-up, including 'best in class' speakers from across the new marketing world.
  • New Marketing Labs Selected by SAS to Help Develop Social Media and Digital Channel Strategy

    Worlds Largest Independent Provider of Business Analytics Software to Expand Online Digital Presence with New Marketing Labs

    BOSTON, MA (February 16, 2010)


    • New Marketing Labs announced today that it is working with SAS, the leader in business analytics software and services, with over 45,000 customers worldwide.  

    • The New Marketing Labs (NML) team will help SAS develop a digital marketing and social networking road map for 2010, focused on the launch of upcoming SAS Customer Intelligence solutions. 

    • SAS Customer Intelligence solutions enable companies to deepen customer insights, choreograph customer interactions and continuously improve the organization's marketing performance.  

    • New Marketing Labs is one of the nation's fastest growing Digital Marketing and Social Communications firms- recently adding SONY, Cisco, Citrix, Comcast, MolsonCoors and Pearson Education to its roster of marquee clients.


    • "New Marketing Labs was hand-picked by SAS during a revolutionary time in the development of the digital channel.  As social networks and digital communications continue to humanize customer relationships, New Marketing Labs is ideally suited to work with SAS and collaborate on new analytics offerings to help our business partners and customers better analyze and leverage data in the digital domain."

    • "We wanted to work with New Marketing Labs because it was obvious from the start they'll bring a lot of energy, enthusiasm and expertise to this project. SAS has great relationships with our customers worldwide and we want to continue building those relationships online. We're counting on NML to help us show the world that business analytics can help companies get bottom-line benefits from social media."

      (David B. Thomas, Social Media Manager at SAS - click here for Thomas' blog)

    • "The New Marketing Labs team is thrilled by the opportunity to work with the longstanding leader in business analytics.  As digital marketing and social media continue to evolve, the ability to gather, evaluate and use relevant data will be a key factor which sets companies apart.  SAS has a long history of utilizing analytics to give their partners a competitive advantage, and we believe this will continue to be true across the digital channel." 

      (Colin Bower, principal at New Marketing Labs - click here  for Bower's LinkedIn profile)

SAS is the leader in business analytics software and services, and the largest independent vendor in the business intelligence market.  Through innovative solutions delivered within an integrated framework, SAS helps customers at more than 45,000 sites improve performance and deliver value by making better decisions faster. Since 1976 SAS has been giving customers around the world THE POWER TO KNOW®

    New Marketing Labs (NML) is a premiere digital marketing, strategy planning and social community engagement firm.  Led by Chris Brogan, New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestselling author and renowned Social Communications expert, NML works with global brands providing a strategic approach to advising clients on the best plan to transform their company, measure ROI, design & execute Social Communications programs and engage online communities to grow their business.  NML clients include SAS Institute, Sony, Pearson Education, Cisco, Comcast, IDC, and PepsiCo. Online at 

    Please contact Robert Collins to arrange an interview and/or for additional quotes.

    Robert Collins
    781-821-6741 office
    617-797-1979 mobile

  • Leading Social Media and Digital Marketing Companies Sign Global Partnership Agreement
    LONDON and BOSTON, MA--(Marketwire - August 25, 2010) -  EMEA wide UK-headquartered 90:10 Group ( and New Marketing Labs, LLC ( announced today a strategic alliance designed to help partners and clients participate in, and with, social marketing tools and platforms more effectively across the US and Europe, Middle East and Africa.
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  • You Can't Go Back
    Of all the valuable insights from the Inbound marketing Summit in Dallas last week, here is one consistent theme... Every company that I've had a conversation with about their commitment to Social Media projects are all telling me the same thing - once they get a taste of what their audience is really saying and thinking, THEY CAN'T GO BACK!
  • Tiny Revolutions
    Every step towards success requires a tiny revolution. Evolution is too subtle. Revolution is too drastic. In between, let’s add "tiny revolutions." Here's what I mean.
  • The Big Push
    This will probably be the most self-promoting post I’ve ever written. Skip it, if you want. I'd understand.

    The time has come. I have a favor to ask. If you're interested in our book, if you support all that I've given you over the past several years, if you want to buy a friend (or an entire small village) a gift, I'd like to request that you buy Trust Agents from your favorite online source. This request itself is a social media experiment in trust (or I'm just asking you to buy books)
  • New Marketing Labs Tap Top Communications And Business Executives for Management Team
    Colin Bower and Robert Collins Join Fast Growing Digital Marketing and Social Communications Agency

    New Marketing Labs -- one of the nation's fastest growing Digital Marketing and Social Communications Agencies has doubled in growth over the last six months recently adding SONY, Cisco, Comcast and Pearson Education to its roster of marquee clients.
  • What Does the Shifting of Viewers Mean to Web Marketers?

    Mashable has a great article about the expansion of video consumption on the web as an alternative to TV. It is interesting here is to explore what this means for marketers. The first thing to realize is that this switch means more than just a change in appliance. The content, context, and consumption patterns have changed as well. If we just buy ads on the web like we did on TV, we are missing the larger point with this transition. We need to think in terms of a new paradigm for outreach, marketing, and advertising that takes into account integrated campaigns which truly define the essence of the next generation of web-based platforms.

FeedNew Marketing Labs Blog

The New Marketing Labs Stream picks up interesting blog posts and information from several friends and thinkers in our space, and shares them with you in one easy view. Here are the ideas we cherish at New Marketing Labs. Be sure to visit the original blogs and start your own relationships with these thought leaders today.
  • Defining Digital Marketing Success - Setting Clear Goals and Metrics
    In the world of digital, clear measurements are not only an attainable goal but a must in every campaign. At New Marketing Labs, it is our imperative that no project begin without clear, defined metrics and stated goals, and that these goals be achievable, measurable, and valuable. These metrics could be created to track awareness, lead generation, sales generation, or sentiment analysis – but what is critical is that each is measurable and each is measured.
  • Browser Check: Firefox 3.5 Is King as IE6 Hangs On

    According to StatCounter, Firefox 3.5 is now the world's most popular web browser, with a global market share of 22%.

    Source: StatCounter Global Stats - Browser Version Market Share

    Internet Explorer 7 started out 2009 with 41%, but has since dropped to 21%, getting edged out by its open source competitor.

    So what does this change for designers and developers?


    IE6 Just Won't Die

    To the dismay of just about every CSS developer, IE6 (a browser that launched in 2001), is still hanging on with a market share of 14%. This wouldn't be such a bad thing, were it not for the fact that IE6 doesn't abide by some of the most common web standards, such as transparent PNG Images and other CSS rules (see the box model bug).

    Despite continuing campaigns to end the browser once and for all (including,, and others), it still remains an active part of the internet population, and a thorn in the side of CSS developers.

    Some would argue that most of this IE6 retention comes from the corporate world, where users aren't allowed to install new applications or upgrade existing ones. I have seen lots of web architects defending the continued use of IE6 because they are running applications that rely on integration with SharePoint or some other Microsoft system.

    Like these developers, I come from the "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" school of thought, but isn't there a happy medium here?

    Can't large corporations continue use of IE6, but also install a more standards compliant browser like Safari?

    Can YOU Pass The Acid Test?

    Acid3 Test

    Over the last few years, web standards have become an important player in the battle for browser dominance. A set of web-based compliance tests known as the Acid Tests have been developed to assist software developers in creating standards compliant browsers.

    Acid3, the latest version of the test, expands on the mainly CSS-based Acid2 to include tests for HTML5 and other JavaScript functionality that will play a big role in the next generation of web applications.

    Interestingly enough, the only browser that completely passes the test is Safari, which only holds a 3% market share. Firefox 3.5 scores a commendable (but still "failing") 93/100, while Internet Explorer 9.0 scored a 32/100. This is to be expected, given the fact the tests were purposefully written so that every browser failed initially, and they are based on draft W3C standards that are not yet "official".

    The Future Is Now

    As we head into 2010, we will see the next generation of browsers work towards standards compliance, which will help designers and developers focus on the user experience instead of messing around with CSS hacks for a certain browser version.

    I understand that most users could care less about standards-compliance, but whether they know it or not, their choice of browser is helping to nudge other companies (read Microsoft) towards standards compliance and a consistent web experience for everyone.

    Now, if only we could get rid of IE6....

    Photo credit: Preston Kemp.

  • In Search of Storytellers
    storytellingkid.jpgWe've been meeting with a variety B2B companies lately.   All of these companies are very successful and market movers within their industries.   As we've been planning out ways to build their digital channel, extend their brand equity online and help grow their business - part of our conversations have lead to storytelling.

    At its very core, good marketing is storytelling.  The best marketing programs - service engagements, product experiences take us on an emotional journey appealing to our wants, needs and passions for something larger, deeper, more personal and connected.   

    All the while, connecting with their customers - with the best traits of good storytelling.   Grabbing your attention from the start, pulling us in and taking us on an adventure along with characters and situations you can believe in and associate with elements of humor, drama, spectacle, action or mystery as catalysts to spark attention and interest.  All the while cutting through any marketing hyperbole and inwardly focused messaging because good storytelling is about engaging with an audience - tapping into their needs, passions, fears  - not talking about yourself.   

    Storytelling Can Become Your Differentiator

    Facts and figures, function, specifications and price all still matter, for certain.  But it takes stories to connect with customers on an emotional level.  The motivation to choose one brand, solution provider over another - when the choices are vast.

    Now Comes The Creative Content Strategy - Theme Focus: Humor

    IBM used Humor to humanize their Mainframe business.  A mainstay and very profitable business line for IBM but perhaps not the coolest or easiest to excite people about.

    IBM turned to Tim Washer , a bona fide, professional comedian and storyteller to humanize their complex product line.   I met Tim last month at a Harvard Business School event where he spoke about his role as head of social media productions for IBM.  What first attracted my attention to Tim works was an article in TEXAS magazine, followed by a blog post about this viral video he helped produce for IBM.    And to Tim and IBM's credit, they've measured the impact of these humorous Office like produced videos.  
    View more presentations from Tim Washer.
    More recently, software giant, Infor, launched an interesting marketing campaign against their competitors, SAP and Oracle.   The campaign revolves around an Infor sponsored website called

    The campaign includes a "Declaration of Software Independence" and describes their competitors as "Big ERP".   And they've  moved their storytelling beyond its main website - establishing its main messaging persona on Twitter and cross multiple social and digital channels.  

    To be a successful brand storyteller, you must first understand how your brand's products and services meet a customer's emotional needs.  Even business-to-business products and services fulfill emotional needs:  I will get promoted. I won't get fired.  I will be a hero if this works.
    Next, understand not only where your customer will be exposed to your message, but what their emotional state will be when engaged with that media.

    Lastly, tell a consistent story about your company, your product or your service regardless of where the message is delivered.  Inconsistencies degrade the power of the story and cause mistrust.  

    Every brand has a story.  Tell it well, and you'll give your customers a reason to believe.

    Photo Credit: Sean Drellinger

  • We're Hiring
    wewantyou.jpgNew Marketing Labs is growing. We've been very lucky and have built quite a group of client partners over the last several months. With that in mind, I need some help.

    We're hiring 3 positions right off (and you must be in the greater Boston area):

    * Account Manager - you need skills in listening tools like Radian6 or similar, skills with Google Analytics and/or Hubspot, and some background in analytics. This is much more important than knowing how check in on Foursquare. You need reporting and data interpretation skills. You need to be ridiculously self-motivated and driven, and able to work flexibly with lots of deliverables juggled at the same time.

    * Account Associate (two positions) - you need a deep experience in the social platforms. You live in Facebook and Twitter and have a blog. You've shot video. You know enough about the technical skills so that we're not training you, plus you have some classic experience and/or learning in either PR or marketing, and beyond that, you're hungry to grow with one of the coolest online marketing companies in the universe, or so we say.

    If you're serious about a shot at this, connect with Colin Bower -

    We'd love to have you aboard.

    Photo Credit: wsh1266
  • Forget Three Million - Pay Us Three Hundred Thousand
    The Superbowl is a great reminder of the cost of TV marketing, and there's no denying that a spot on the Superbowl will getpileofcash.jpg lots of attention (many say more attention than the game). And yet, as is always the case, I find myself comparing what that cost and reach gets you when compared to a social media execution. So, if you're thinking about whether or not to spend $3 Million on your 30 seconds of exposure, here are some thoughts about what $300,000 (note: one less zero) would get you.

    Superbowl: $3,000,000
    New Marketing Labs: $300,000

    Superbowl: 30 seconds of ad time viewed by millions.
    NML: 6 months of content marketing (blogs, video, audio, webinars) viewed by a more targeted hundreds of thousands.

    Superbowl: One shot at your creative
    NML: we come up with new creative ideas and projects all the time, versus a one-shot attempt.

    Superbowl: one way push
    NML: six months of two-way conversation and community building on all the appropriate social platforms, with concerted effort on lead generation and sales prospecting, as well as existing customer loyalty and retention focus

    Superbowl: ...
    NML: hundreds of new earned inbound links to your site, improved search rankings.

    Superbowl: ...
    NML: Event enhancement and extended coverage, including media making, promotion, distribution.

    So, I might be biased (hint: I am), but I think New Marketing Labs is a better bargain than advertising during the Superbowl. Get in touch. We'd love to work with you.

    Photo Credit: Dan4th
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Even in a Web 2.0 world, there will always be a place for face-to-face. That's why New Marketing Labs offers two events for corporate and agency marketing leaders that minimize your time out of office and maximize your learning and networking opportunities.
  • How to Use Inbound Marketing to Get More Leads at a Lower Cost Webinar
    April 8, 2009 - 2:00 PM EST | Register Now!

    Cold calling, TV ads and other outbound marketing techniques are becoming less and less effective, but using search engine optimization (SEO), social media and blogging together can create powerful results with high ROI and a long lasting business impact. Learn the primary elements of inbound marketing and how to attract customers to you to lower your cost per lead and improve your marketing results.
      Attendees will learn:
    • How inbound marketing can lower your cost per lead
    • The importance of including SEO with your social media marketing
    • Why blogging and content creation is critical to your social media strategy
    • How to measure social media marketing
    Join Justin Levy, General Manager at New Marketing Labs and Mike Volpe, Vice President of Inbound Marketing at HubSpot on Wednesday, April 8th at 2p ET as we explore using inbound marketing to get more leads at a lower cost over traditional marketing channels.
  • Inbound Marketing Summit - Boston
    September 14 - 15, 2011
  • Chicago
    New Marketing Experience
  • Using New Media to Create a World Wide Rave
    New media tools allow us to connect with people from all over the world instantly. How can you leverage this to create a world wide rave? How can you do something using new media that gets people to spread your ideas? Join Justin Levy, General Manager, New Marketing Labs, along with best-selling author, David Meerman Scott as we discuss using new media to create a world wide rave and how it relates to David's newly published book.
  • Boston
    Inbound Marketing Summit
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ITEC Webinars - providing you FREE educational content on the latest in web and IT - in the comfort of your home or office.
  • Finding New Efficiencies In Today's Data Center: Technologies To Watch
    With budgets squeezed in the current economic climate, data center investments are being scrutinized more closely than ever. The cost of adding capacity precludes new capital investments for many companies. Instead, they are looking to do more with what they have.

    New technologies can help wring unprecedented efficiencies out of existing assets. Consolidation, virtualization and intelligent management can more than double data center efficiency, optimize floor space, reduce environmental costs and enable companies to defer new investments for years.

    This webinar features insights from three leading experts on data center technology. They'll tell how innovations in data center design, virtualization, server and storage consolidation and policy-driven automation can reduce waste, optimize staff resources and increase utilization rates. These practices and technologies are now mainstream. They are delivering huge productivity gains in some of the world’s largest data centers in America. Learn how they can work for you.


    • David Gentry, Senior Vice President, Services Operations, Lee Technologies
    • Brian Wilson, Vice President of Services and Support, Surgient
    • David Merrill, Chief Economist, Hitachi Data Systems

    Moderated by:

    • Paul Gillin, Conference Director
  • Content Management 2.0
    Web Content Management (WCMS) means many things to many people. This begs the question of how/where to maximize efforts when defining a content management strategy. Would you like to do everything on the Web using your Web CMS as a Marketing platform? Do you need an easier way to manage your multiple web sites? If you answered yes to any of the above questions, this is a must attend webinar for marketers, business leaders, content editors, and developers. Join TJ O'Connor, Principal Consultant, CrossTech Partners, along with Mark Boisvert Account Executive, CrossTech Partners, this Wednesday for part one of a four part series on Business Strategies for Content Management, and learn how to successfully evaluate and deploy a Web CMS platform.
  • Publishing Web content to InDesign & Quark via XML

    How do you manage your print content? The latest print publishing tools allow you to quickly and easily populate a print document with database-driven content using XML.

    • Do you need a centralized, fully managed repository of data; allowing greater control and end to end assignment management?
    • Would you like to reduce document production lead times?
    • Reduce costs in editing and proofing?

    If you answered yes to any of the above questions, this is a must attend webinar for marketers, business leaders, content editors, and developers. Join TJ O'Connor, Principal Consultant, CrossTech Partners, along with Mark Boisvert Account Executive, CrossTech Partners, in part three of our four part series on Business Strategies for Content Management and learn strategies and technologies that will help you automate the publishing of content from a digital repository into your print publications.

  • New Event
  • Syndicating and Repurposing Content with RSS Feeds

    Many users now prefer to subscribe to content via feeds, instead of traditional email newsletters. RSS, is a technology that allows organizations to deliver regularly updated content to users. This relevant, personal content is then aggregated into a single, easily accessible location.

    • Do you want to reduce information overload to your audience by moving information away from the e-mail inbox?
    • Do you want to increase portal and intranet usage by incorporating updated, personalized information?
    • Would you like to improve employee collaboration and knowledge sharing?

    If you answered yes to any of the above questions, this is a must attend webinar for marketers, business leaders, content editors, and developers. Join TJ O'Connor, Principal Consultant, CrossTech Partners, along with Mark Boisvert Account Executive, CrossTech Partners, in part two of a four part series on Business Strategies for Content Management, and learn how create syndicated content, allow users to subscribe, and reuse content across multiple areas of your website.

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